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If you work freelance on contracts and wish to preserve you self-employed status, you need an Intermediary Limited Company service provider to handle your timesheet invoices and subsequent payments.  A company that cares about you and cares about the return on your income.   WELCOME to Priority Accounts, where we are setting the standards!

NO % based fee structure NO Inflated bank charges FREE Same-day payment to UK banks FREE Foreign Exchange!

Secure your options
  1. Are you paying too much when your current service provider has based their fees on a percentage of your earnings?
  2. Why are you then expected to pay inflated bank charges for Priority Payments? With Priority Accounts, priority same-day banking with most UK GBP bank accounts is FREE. The most you can expect to pay for SWIFT [International/currency] is £15.00.  The most you can expect to pay in administration charges is £15.00 (per paid, invoiced week).
  3. Are you getting value for your money, or is your current service provider getting money for nothing!

Other Intermediary Limited company service providers demand that Profit is the Priority.   With us, YOU ARE THE PRIORITY!

We believe that times should change for the freelance contract worker. You should get a more up–to–date and fairer deal. With Priority Accounts you can be assured that the costs are at their lowest and support behind the company is of the highest quality, steeped in contract–worker history. Design and implementation of our policies, procedures and systems are built by seasoned Intermediary Limited Company and Payroll specialists.

Measure up your options

We aim to ensure that the freelance contractor workforce take home as much of their hard earned money as quickly as possible. Facilities available to make possible that you receive your money on the same day your Limited Company receives it, these banking services are called Priority Payments.

And believe us when we tell you, a priority payment will cost your current Intermediary Limited Company service provider a maximum of £15.00.  If they tell you something different, i.e. costing them £30.00, they are exaggerating these costs and profiting excessively (100% or more) from this!

There are no membership fees, and when you are not earning, you are not being charged. How do we keep our charges low and fair? Because of our unique business model & philosophy.

We will even PAY YOU!. Our Introducer scheme entitles the referrer to a bonus reward of £25.00 for every friend, colleague and fellow professional introduced, payable after they have used the service for a minimum of 4 weeks.